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Shock Proof Cushioning

Shock Proof Cushioning

Sending items through the post, or with courier services comes with a certain amount of risk – even if you use a shipping service that takes pride in handling packages with care. There’s always a chance that items can be accidentally dropped, or otherwise damaged, and for retailers, that can cut into profit margins, especially where customers need to be refunded, or the customer needs a replacement sending out to them. You can’t completely eliminate the risk of products being damaged completely, but with our range of shock proof cushioning, you can certainly help to minimise that risk.

When you’re sending fragile items through the post, the risk of damage is even greater, which is why we’ve designed the products that you need to reduce the risk of breakage from shock as far as possible, as well as keeping items few from dust or water damage. Our range includes inflatable pouches for wine bottles, mobile phones, and tech items right through to laptops, as well as air pillow cushioning that provides enhanced cushioning and to prevent accidental breakage.

Our range of shock proof cushioning are all designed to be inflated at your location for efficient storage – they’re much less bulky than bubble wrap, and are easy for your team to inflate, either using a hand pump or an auto inflator. We’ve made these products from recycled plastic, and so they can be added to soft plastic recycling facilities after use – making them a practical, as well as environmentally responsible packaging solution for delicate items.

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