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Bespoke Mail Bags

Studies show that packaging is an important part of brand identity. First impressions count for a lot in everyday life, this also applies to online businesses.

Packaging is the first tangible contact the customer has when their goods have been delivered to them, providing an opportunity for businesses to make a strong impression and strengthen their brand identity to new buyers.

Conversely, poor packaging can create an adverse effect and have a negative impact. Statistics suggest buyers who receive poorly packaged goods are likely to return them or request a refund. It is therefore imperative for e-businesses not to overlook this aspect, and in turn, make it a high priority.

This is where custom printed polythene mail bags can be beneficial, providing you with a unique marketing tool to expose your brand to the public.

  • Printed mail bags can introduce your brand to potential new customers
  • They can also provide them with the contact details including, address, email, phone number and other essential information.
  • They aid in maintaining loyal customers, through helping customers become familiar with your product.
  • As you distribute an increasing number of parcels, your brand exposure will also increase.
  • Additionally, well designed graphics can create conversation and potentially increase revenue from new word of mouth customers.
  • We can customise the bags to fit any size, colour or thickness to suit your needs.

With the benefit of having our own factories in China, SR Mailing also offer services for bespoke orders for printed mailbags.

If you are unable to come up with a design suitable for your company, we have a designated design team to help you create your customised mailbag.

For more information, please contact us:

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Mailing Bag | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging
Mailing Bag | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging