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Address Label

Address Label

When you’re dispatching hundreds of orders every day, it makes sense to implement as many processes that allow your team to work as efficiently as possible. Writing addresses by hand simply isn’t scalable, and there are way too many chances for mistakes to occur, which can lead to packages being delayed, lost or completely undeliverable. That leads to complaints and return or refund requests, which costs you even more time and money.

The answer, of course, is using printed address labels. With so many eCommerce order management packages incorporating address printing functionality as standard, printing labels not only makes dispatching orders much faster, but it also makes your business look much more professional. Since this prints the address on the label using the address the customer themselves supplies, the risk of mistakes on the address is greatly reduced too.

Our range of self-adhesive address labels are suitable for inkjet and laser printers, as well as being suitable for writing on with regular pens. They are available with multiple labels of up to 65 per A4 sheet, allowing you to print as many on each sheet as you need – or as few as one label per A4 sheet. Each sheet has a standard matte white paper, and each label has rounded corners. When the label is attached, it is permanently in place, whether you’re attaching to one of our Royal Mail PiP boxes, a honeycomb envelope, or one of our recycled plastic mail bags.

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