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Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes

When a business is sending orders by post or courier, it is imperative that the items inside the shipment are kept secure and intact, because reissuing orders costs businesses money, and that cuts into their profits. In order to avoid this as far as possible, once orders are inside the box or mailing envelope, and cushioning has been added, the package needs to be sealed securely.

The range of tapes that we have at SR Mailing is extensive, offering businesses the optimal types of packaging tapes for their needs, whether their preference is for clear, brown, or coffee packaging tape. When choosing packaging tapes, it isn’t as simple as which colour though. Businesses that are particularly concerned about showing their customers that they care about the environment, our environmentally friendly Kraft tape is a great option – and is available with Fragile print too.

For orders that require special handling, it is important that the carrier knows – and writing on the package can be ignored, and looks unprofessional. Using tape that specifies that the item inside the box is fragile is standard practice, and is efficient, since the tape holds the box closed as well as alerting the delivery drivers.

We know that our customers often need other types of tapes too – which is why we have masking tapes of different widths, duct tape and PVC hazard tapes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Businesses that want to be able to brand their packaging, but have a tight packaging budget may find that using branded packaging tape to be a great solution – similar to that on Amazon deliveries. We can provide bespoke tapes for this purpose – simply request a quote.

As you’d expect, our tapes are compatible with most tape accessories, including tape guns, carton sealers, and table dispensers that support 3-inch paper core.

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