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Packaging Shrink Pallet Wrap

Packaging Shrink Pallet Wrap

Pallets and awkwardly sized parcels or shipments often require additional protection when sending, and businesses need to be confident that all the items on the pallet will arrive at their destination, when they are due to arrive. Stock lost in transit is a cost to retailers that most cannot afford to sustain, and shrink wrap is a great way to keep those items intact, and safely together in the shipment.

Businesses have the choice of working with clear, or black pallet shrink wrap, depending on whether it is important to be able to easily see, or to conceal the contents as appropriate. Where valuable items are being sent as part of the shipment, opaque, black shrink wrap may be preferred to wrap the pallet, since it can provide more security and confidentiality, to deter any potential tampering or theft while in transit.

The right type of shrink wrap holder is an essential accessory for small businesses, since the holder makes it easy for one person to complete a wrap job without assistance. It is a cost-effective solution, as pallet shrink wrap clings to itself, it allows for shipments to be sent without additional products such as tape to secure the wrap.  

SR Mailing shrink pallet wrap is manufactured in the UK, and where it is necessary, we use our own shrink pallet wrap – which is why we know it is a reliable solution for our customers. Our pallet shrink wrap is incredibly strong, with a choice of thicknesses of 17 or 23 microns, to ensure that it is puncture resistant, and to ensure that the order is delivered in exactly the same manner that it leaves the business.

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