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Corrugated Padded Envelopes

Corrugated Padded Envelopes

When you’re sending orders to customers that contain products that require a little more protection during transit – such as small books, wiring, costume jewellery and makeup items, the obvious solution is plastic bubble envelopes. But for businesses that are working hard to do their best for the planet, even using recycled, and recyclable plastic doesn’t fit the bill – and so if you’re looking for alternatives to plastic bubble envelopes for your business, consider our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes.

Being made from 100% recycled paper means that our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes are easy to dispose of at the end of their useful lives. Almost all homes are able to add them to their kerbside recycling collections, since they are fully recyclable, but where that isn’t an option, they are also naturally biodegradable (with the glue strip removed) and can be composted.

Our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes aren’t just a great option for the environment though. They look professional, and the Kraft exterior can be custom printed, have labels applied, or a handwritten address added. They are a realistic, affordable option for businesses, and they are lightweight and compatible with Royal Mail guidelines too, so they won’t add to your postage costs any more than a plastic bubble envelope does.

In practical terms, our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes are just as suitable for sending orders as their plastic counterparts are, with a tamper-evident, self-sealing closure that your staff will find equally as simple to use during the picking and packing process.

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