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Mini Hand Wrap

Mini Hand Wrap

When you need to bundle items together, or to secure boxes, you need a product that is more professional than packing tape. That is especially the case if you don’t want the items to be damaged when that product is removed, in the same way packing tape does when it is removed. Pallet wrap is a great solution, since it only clings to itself, (much in the same way cling film does) but for many products it is simply too big – which is why we added a smaller version, our mini stretch wrap to our collection of packaging products.

Depending on how it is applied, mini stretch wrap can help to protect the products within from scratches and water damage. Because stretch wrap only clings to itself and the mini stretch wrap that we’ve developed is tear resistant, your team can avoid wasting product.

In addition to that, with the wrap clinging to itself to fix, there are no glues required for use, and so there is absolutely no residue left when the wrap is removed – which is why it is a better, more professional solution to tape when creating product bundles.

Of course, your team being able to complete wraps quickly and easily is essential – and that’s where our mini wrap holder comes in. The holder simply hooks into the paper core of the mini stretch wrap rolls in our collection (100mm mini wrap rolls with 38mm core), with the handle left exposed for use.

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