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Paper Wrap

Paper Wrap

Keeping items safely wrapped and intact is a key concern for all eCommerce retailers – otherwise you face time-consuming, and potentially expensive customer service issues when customers complain that their order has arrived broken. Plastic bubble wraps have long been an industry favourite for their convenience, but in recent years we’ve seen a shift towards paper wrapping solutions. Even though our plastic bubble wrap is made from both recycled, and recyclable materials, there is absolutely no question that paper products are much more sustainable, and better for the planet. Both customers, and responsible business owners are demanding paper-based products, and with Amazon leading the way, we soon expect paper wrap to be as much in demand as plastic bubble wrap once was.

In terms of the planet, the benefits of switching to paper wraps are clear to be seen. Paper can be made from recycled products, and can be recycled again and again – as well as being completely biodegradable. And the great thing is that the majority of people know how to recycle paper products – and are already adding those products to their household recycling, or to their home compost bins.

You’re likely to be interested in the benefits to your business, as well as the environment. Well, paper wraps are inexpensive to switch to – particularly for budget products, like news offcut filler paper – as well as being simple to use, and taking up significantly less space in the packing area than plastic bubble wrap. With paper honeycomb wrap, you can also reduce the use of plastic tapes – offering both you and the planet more savings too.

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