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Masking Tape | Crepe Paper Tapes | Craft Decorating Tapes | SR Mailing

When businesses need an adhesive tape with a low tack for temporary use, masking tape is what they reach for. Since it can be removed from the majority of surfaces without leaving a surface residue, many ecommerce businesses use masking tape for temporarily labelling items – such as if staff are picking and packing orders at different rates, or there are additional products to be added to an order. It can also be a great way to keep a number of products that are to be shipped in the same package together, until it is ready to be sent – such as where the retailer is waiting for a delivery of the final item in the order.

Masking tape was originally developed for painting and decorating, and it is still a great tape option for tradespeople such as decorators and car restoration experts – particularly water resistant masking tape. Because of the wide variety of ways in which masking tape can be used, there is little surprise that there is demand for masking tape in a wide range of widths and colours.

Masking tape is made from paper, and is considered to be an environmentally friendly tape, and the options that we sell are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable – meaning that no matter how it gets disposed of when it is no longer required, it will break down and not cause further harm to the environment in which it has been disposed of.  

Our masking tapes are incredibly low cost, can be bought in bulk quantities, and are designed to be compatible with most tape accessories that businesses are likely to have, including tape guns, carton sealers, and table dispensers that support 3-inch paper core. Although our masking tapes can be used with tape accessories, they are still easy to tear, and so unlike plastic or Kraft tape, they do not require accessories for businesses to be able to use them efficiently.

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