Our SR MAILING BAGS series is climate neutral | SR Mailing

Our SR Mailing Bags Series is Climate neutral

Our SR MAILING BAGS series is climate neutral

       How exactly does this work?


Calculation of our greenhouse gas emissions

Together with ClimatePartner [Link: https://www.climatepartner.com], we have measured the carbon emissions that occur during the manufacture of our MAILING BAGS through raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal: this is known as the Product Carbon Footprint.


Avoidance and reduction

Where possible, we avoid and reduce our CO2 emissions. Solar panel to power up general lighting, choose to use 100% post consumed plastic as raw material, minimize printing area etc


Carbon offset through a certified project

We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions from the carbon neutral mailing bags by supporting a climate action project. As a result of this, the carbon neutral mailing bags are certified climate neutral. Climate action projects save CO2 emissions - for example, through reforestation or the replacement of harmful technologies with climate-friendly alternatives. More information about our climate protection project can be found at



The label "climate neutral"

We mark our carbon neutral mailing bags with the independent label "climate neutral", and consequently enable our customers to understand how the product has become climate neutral, and learn more about the climate action project. This label therefore provides our customers with full transparency regarding the climate neutrality of our products.  


Our carbon offset project

To compensate for our CO2 emissions, we support a recognized climate action project certified according to international standards: Further information can be found at: Hydropower


DR Congo

www.climatepartner.com/0000 Link: ClimatePartner-ID 15019-2103-1001

Our SR MAILING BAGS series is climate neutral


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