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Royal Mail Click And Drop Integrated Labels

Royal Mail Click And Drop Integrated Labels

Royal Mail Click and Drop allows all kinds of businesses to buy postage online, and to print the postage labels from their location – which allows them to save a huge amount of time when sending, as well as being able to save money by being able to buy postage in bulk.

Being able to print directly onto Royal Mail Click And Drop integrated labels is not only a great way to save businesses loads of time – because printing and sticking means that fewer people are required to complete the dispatch – but it also means that businesses can eliminate mistakes. Businesses are able to use the contact information that the customer themselves has provided when they placed their order.

In the majority of cases, using the customer provided information means they will have the correct spelling, postcode and so on, reducing the chance of lost, or undelivered parcels. Further, having standardised labels means that there is much less chance of misprints, and addresses are perfectly aligned on the labels too.

Royal Mail Click And Drop integrated labels are made up of two layers – an A4 laser sheet, and the backing. When the address and postage information has been printed onto the sticky side, the package label can simply be peeled from the backing, and then fixed to the box or mail bag.

The labels are available in both A4 landscape, and A4 portrait setups, allowing businesses to print from whichever ecommerce system they utilise. Click and Drop also feeds tracking information back to ecommerce systems, saving further time, improving accuracy, and keeping customers happy.

Our Royal Mail Click And Drop integrated labels are recyclable, made from sustainable materials, and are dispatched to our customers using sustainable packaging too, reducing the impact on the environment.  

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