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black and white photo at a climate protest with a poster/sign that reads "if not now, when? there is no planet B"

A Brief History of Climate Change

Dating back all the way to ancient Greece, whispers circulated through people about the potential for humans to alter temperatures and sway weather patterns, whether through deforestation or agricultural practices. While some of these notions were dismissed as folklore, it turns out that humans indeed can affect the climate! 

white recycling loop with closed loop recycling text in the middle green background

What Does it Mean to Have a “Closed Loop Recycling System”?

Learn about open-loop, closed-loop, downcycling, and what it means for our future.
three white pillars depicting sustainability, each pillar represents economic, social, and environmental sustainability

3 Pillars of Sustainability: What Every Company Needs to Know

Sustainability is NOT just about the environment! Find out how your business can work to be sustainable in all aspects.
various plastic items like water bottles, plastic bags, and plastic spoons and forks with a versus sign in the middle, and paper products on the other side like paper bags, paper wrapped presents, and paper takeout takeaway boxes

Paper versus Plastic Packaging

Learn the pros and cons of paper and plastic packaging, and why making the right choice is important for the enviromental goals of your business.
two arrows rounded into a circle with green colours in the centre, and circular economy written through it

What is the Circular Economy and Why Haven't We Implemen...

As the climate crisis looms over us, we turn towards the circular economy to fix our consumption and production habits. But if it already exists and we understand it - why haven't we implemented it? What can we do to implement it? What does it mean for the packaging industry?