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SR Mailing: Leading the Charge in Sustainable E-commerce Packaging.

Welcome to SR Mailing, a beacon of eco-innovation in the e-commerce packaging landscape. "Sustainable and Responsible" isn't just our name; it's our promise. As pioneers of sustainable packaging solutions, we're dedicated to transforming the e-commerce world with our environmentally conscious products.

Since our inception in 2014, we've been at the forefront of reducing plastic waste, offering a lifeline to businesses drowning in the sea of disposable packaging. Our mission is clear: to seamlessly integrate eco-friendly e-commerce solutions with the fast-paced demands of modern businesses. Over 9,000 partners have joined us on this green journey, switching to alternatives that respect the earth.

Our product range, featuring 100% recycled mailing bags, and home-compostable and paper-based materials, is a testament to our relentless drive for sustainable excellence. We're reshaping the shipping experience with paper-padded envelopes and bioplastic mailers, all part of our vision to set new benchmarks for eco-friendly packaging in the e-commerce sector.

Choosing SR Mailing means aligning with a partner that prioritizes the planet. Ninety-five percent of our products champion earth-friendliness, showcasing our commitment to not just minimizing waste but actively reversing environmental harm. We celebrate every step toward sustainability, from energy-efficient production to championing materials destined for a new life beyond the bin.

Our environmental efforts extend to impactful carbon offset projects, like our initiative in Virunga, DR Congo, Northern Brazil, and Asia continent-wide, where we've neutralized 1,105,380 kg of CO2 emissions. For products that defy recycling or composting, we strive for carbon neutrality, ensuring our ecological footprint is as gentle as a whisper.

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Join us at SR Mailing, where sustainable shipping solutions meet cutting-edge e-commerce needs. Together, we can elevate your business while safeguarding our planet—one parcel at a time.