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Printed Garment Bags

Printed Garment Bags

CPP Garment Clear Bags

Clear plastic bags are a mainstay when it comes to packaging products for eCommerce sales. Whether your inventory includes clothing and textiles, jewellery, items of makeup or even smaller hardware items, clear garment bags are an ideal packaging solution. Our range is available in several sizes, and with self-adhesive, resealable strips, they keep items free of dust, and provide protection from water damage while in transit. 

Our CPP clear garment bags are made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials, and they are recyclable when the glue strip has been removed. However, at 30 microns thick, they are extremely lightweight, allowing you to minimise shipping costs, and they are strong enough to withstand rough handling without tearing, and we’ve included an air release hole that means there won’t be any nasty smells when the item arrives with the customer. And in the interest of safety, we’ve printed suffocation warnings in five languages – just in case.  

In packing areas, CPP garment bags are an efficient solution – since their size means that they don’t take up too much space on shelves, and they are easy for team members to seal quickly, without additional products.

If you’re using Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) services, then you’ll be aware that there are specific and exacting standards required for products that are in their fulfilment centres. Our CPP clear garment bags meet Amazon’s requirements, and so you can buy with confidence knowing that you won’t be at risk of additional charges or your stock being rejected.

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