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Expandable Envelopes

Expandable Envelopes

When sending via Royal Mail using Pricing in Proportion, if you can send via Large Letter rather than Small Parcel, then you can make significant savings on your postal costs, and those small savings can ultimately add up to a big difference for your business. For retailers that are selling reasonably flat items like t-shirts, costume jewelry, and even some hardware items, using a cardboard expandable envelope can make much more sense than using a larger PiP box, and offers more protection than a recycled plastic mailbag.

Having the best expandable envelopes means that those documents can all be sent together with confidence. The strength that the corrugated cardboard provides, alongside the tamper-resistant peel and seal lid flap with superior adhesive means that the chances of the envelope being damaged are greatly minimised.

Expandable envelopes are also a practical option for getting orders out quickly – and when time is of the essence, the faster your team can dispatch, the better. Unlike PiP boxes, there isn’t any assembly required with expandable envelopes, and the easy-peel & seal closure strip eliminates the need for additional products such as tape, speeding up dispatch further.

Of course, expandable envelopes are also a great option for the planet – particularly when, like order, they are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper. Cardboard is easily recycled with most household waste, and once the glue strip is removed, the envelopes are both biodegradable and compostable – meaning that should the envelope inadvertently end up in landfill, it will have a minimal environmental impact.

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