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100% Recycled LDPE Mailing Bags

Our mission now is to adopt zero waste concept that considers the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw materials to sorting/reprocess all the way till end-of-life disposal. Our first product was recycled mailing bags, now is 100% recycled, recycled packaging requires much less energy and resources than virgin materials, and gives new life to materials that would otherwise be wasting away in the landfill. If something can’t be recycled, composting is the next best end of life option, if the product can’t be recycled or composted, we are working with ClimatePartner to get those products offset to carbon neutral. 95% of our products are earth-friendly, you can shop with confidence as we work with more than 9000 eco-conscientious businesses by developing packaging made with as much recycled content as is humanly possible, and that can be easily recycled into new packaging in its next life.

Kun Feng

Managing Director