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Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

As you’d expect from a specialist sustainable packaging retailer like SR Mailing, our inventory has a huge range of retail packaging that all types of retailers, both online and on the high street, can use within their business. We understand the demands that both online and offline retail places on businesses, which is why that every time we develop a new packaging product, we have your needs in mind.

That’s why our range of cardboard retail packaging encompasses everything from expandable envelopes, book wrap mailers and crash lockboxes, to boxes that are suited to the Royal Mail Pricing In Proportion requirements. All of our paper and cardboard products are made from recycled materials, and can be either added to household recycling, or to compost bins for naturally biodegrading. If you’re increasing the importance of sustainability in your business, we’ve also developed honeycomb paper products, including mailing envelopes, which are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We’ve also got an extensive range of recycled plastic products, including mail bags that are suited for sending orders via courier or by post, and we’re working to increase the percentage of recycled material that is contained in those. However, we’re also incredibly proud to have fully compostable mail bags in our collection for you to dispatch orders in too.

In addition to all the packaging products, you’ll also find warehouse equipment and packaging requirements such as tapes, bubble wrap and tissue paper – so whatever your retail packaging requirements are, you’ll find them in our collection.

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