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Bubble Wrap and Void Fill

Bubble Wrap and Void Fill

When sending customer orders, protecting the item inside the box or mail bag isn’t just necessary to keep the customer happy. Ensuring the products arrive with the customer in one piece means that the business saves money on having to send the product again – which can be costly, if the item is expensive – and additional shipping.

There are several solutions that can keep customer orders from being damaged in transit. Bubble wrap is a tried-and-tested solution that has been used by the retail industry for decades, because it does exactly what it needs to, and can be used to completely wrap and protect any shape of product. Today, our bubble wrap is made from recycled materials, and can be recycled too – much greener than earlier versions.

For particularly delicate, or sharp items, we have produced pillar air pouches and air pillow sheets, which provide outstanding protection for items that could be damaged easily with rough handling, or that are accidentally dropped.

For more sustainable options, our news offcut filler paper is a low-cost solution, and retailers can easily use it to wrap products of all shapes and sizes, or to fill voids within boxes where necessary. Tissue paper can be used in a similar way, and printed tissue paper can be a great way to inject a little fun, and branding to in-box packaging.

Our favourite innovative product is honeycomb paper roll – made from brown Kraft paper, it is an excellent, low cost and more eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, with a lot of stretch that protects whatever it is wrapping effectively. Used with news offcut filler, or tissue paper, it is also an attractive option that customers are likely to be impressed by too. Of course, all our paper solutions are made from recycled, and recyclable materials, and they are biodegradable and compostable – allowing for easy disposal when the customer receives their order.

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