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Paper & Bubble Wraps

Paper & Bubble Wraps

Getting the right amount of protection for each type of product is an essential step when you’re packaging customer orders. All eCommerce businesses risk products being broken when they are in transit – accidents happen – but you can greatly reduce the number of breakages that you might encounter by using enough of the right padding and void fill when wrapping each order.

Plastic bubble wraps have been the go-to product for padding packages for a number of years, and ours is made from recycled, and recyclable materials, making it one of the most sustainable bubble wraps on the market. But rolls of plastic bubble wrap take up a lot of space in the packing area, and customers are likely to be less impressed when they receive an order that uses what they might deem as unnecessary plastic.

That’s why many businesses are turning to paper bubble wrap alternatives. Where you need to provide just a little extra cushioning, white news offcut filler paper, or tissue paper may be sufficient – and they are excellent options, since paper-based cushioning and wraps are recyclable and also completely biodegradable, customers can easily dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way.

For an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, honeycomb paper roll is quickly increasing in popularity. Made from Kraft paper and cut in the wrap box at your premises, it also offers significant space saving compared to bubble wrap, and when combined with a layer of white tissue paper beneath the honeycomb, it is an attractive option too.


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