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Premium Tapes

Premium Tapes

For busy eCommerce businesses, buying cheaper, lower quality tapes can be a false economy. Think about the amount of time that can be taken up with finding the end of clear tapes when they have broken, or when you have to use twice as much to ensure a good seal – it simply doesn’t make sense. That’s why we’ve put together our range of premium tapes, for businesses that know the value of buying better quality tape.

Our range of premium quality tapes are available in all the colourways that you’d expect – clear, brown, and coffee colours, as well as high contrast white and red Fragile tapes, to alert shipping companies that they need to use care when handling items. Whichever tape you choose, the high quality finish looks professional and is completely secure, and for your convenience and fewer roll changes, we’ve made our rolls of premium tapes much longer than other tapes – 92 metres, rather than 66 metres.

All of our tapes are a minimum of 50 microns thick, so you’re unlikely to encounter those annoying tears and splits, and the adhesive is of high quality, so when you have secured each package, it won’t come detached easily. This means you can be fully confident that your packages will remain sealed throughout the duration of their journey.

Of course, all of our premium quality tapes are suitable for use with tape accessories that can be found in almost all eCommerce warehouses, including tape guns, carton sealers, and table dispensers.

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