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What is Air Pouch

Air Pouches are an inflatable air cushion that provides a very effective protection for fragile goods. The air packaging, unlike bubble wrap, has a check valve to allow the bag to be inflated or deflated. It is one of the newer and in trend in-box solutions to protect fragile goods.

Air pouches can be produced in a variation of sizes that cater to different businesses needs which makes it a very ideal packaging solution.

  • Used for smaller items such as beer and wine bottles
  • Or electronic such as PC/Laptops, mobile devices, iPads and tablets, TV/Monitors and also pharmaceutical items
  • Air pouches can be customised to protect different items.



How to use Air Pouches

Along with these great features and benefits the air pouches provide, they are also very easy to use, with no fuss or mess.    

There are two approaches that can be carried out.

  1. Firstly, you may want to place the item into the air pouch, before proceeding to inflate. Alternatively, you can inflate the bag before placing the item inside.
  2. To inflate, place the nozzle using a standard compressor or hand pump into the valve and begin to inflate air.
  3. As the air passes through the air pouch, each pillar/column will become filled with air, and mould itself around the product to provide as much protection as possible.