Processing orders can be one of the most time consuming processes for online businesses. Initially, it may be an ideal solution to copy and paste addresses into word processors; print, cut them out individually and tape them onto your package. However, over time as orders increase, you will notice that unless that this impractical system will require a larger workforce. But there are two solutions to this: thermal label printers and integrated labels.

Whichever you use is heavily dependent on personal preferences, and in accordance with your overall set up. Thermal printers use heat instead of ink to print information on shipping labels, other than the initial cost of the printer, there is no extra cost for ink as it is not required; this also means thermal printed labels do not smear. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for the ink to dry, meaning it could save a lot of time when producing  labels for multiple packages simultaneously.

On the other hand, integrated labels offer an ideal solution for your customer address labels, invoice label sheets or dispatch notes. Our range of high quality, low cost labels help e-commerce businesses and online sellers to streamline their processes and therefore save money. Furthermore, you will eliminate mistakes and save time by printing everything in one go.

Print your invoice information with the delivery address onto the A4 sheet, then peel out the address label and stick it on your parcel. Finally, place the rest of the sheet in with your goods for dispatch. With integrated labels, you do not require a new printer, meaning you can use a regular printer rather than investing into a new printer. It is suggested to use laser printers as this can speed up the printing process. Additionally, with inkjet, there is the possibility that the ink could smudge coming into contact with rain, or other wet substances.

Using integrated label dispatch notes, minimises the risk of a mismatched goods when sending your orders out and also saves you time and money by not requiring you to print them separately. By reducing this sort of error, it will ultimately result in better customer service with a higher level of customer loyalty and ultimately repeat business.

Currently we stock 4 different labels: S11, S15, S16, S17. Please click here to find out more about our integrated labels and their compatibility.


Labels | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging
Labels | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging
Labels | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging



Address Labels

Address labels offer another alternative to integrated labels and thermal labels. The label size can vary in size, and also the amount of labels on an A4 Sheet can vary too. The labels are suitable for inkjet and laser printers and can be used with templates with most word processing software. They are ideal for addresses, barcodes and other applications such as Amazon FNSKU.

At SR Mailing, we currently stock 8 different sized labels ranging from 2 per sheet to 24 per sheet.

How to use Address Labels

If you are using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, here is a brief guideline:

  • In word, click on the "Tools" tab, then letters and mailing, and then envelopes and labels.
  • This may differ depending on what version you have installed.
  • When you receive this window, begin to match the dimensions listed on the outer box into word.
SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging
  • Once all the details match the dimensions desired, click OK.
  • This template can be customised depending on what sized label is required.
  • When loading the labels into the printer, for top loading printers, the printed side faces up.
  • Conversely, in bottom loading printers, the printed side faces down.
  • Your label is now ready to use, and the template can be saved for future uses