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(SRL15) Single Integrated Label

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SRL15 - Single Integrated Label

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We changed this integrated label code from S15 to SRL15.

A single integrated sheet with one self-adhesive label on an A4 laser guaranteed, white 90gsm PEFC sheet.

The S15 Integrated Label is our latest introduction to our line of integrated labels.

The large self-adhesive label is ideal for larger international addresses, fonts larger than normal sizes or users who need to incorporate customs declarations on their labels.

The label can be used with the label at the bottom or flipped so the label is at the top. Perfect for printing your picking note/customer invoice, it can help provide a smooth running dispatching process, saving you time and money.

Sellers using multi-channel management software like Linnworks can create their dispatch notes or invoices using these SRL15 integrated courier labels.


Fast Pack with our label paper. Bright White 90gsm laser guaranteed paper FSC Paper Reduced toner usage paper Highest Quality

• Laser guaranteed 90gsm paper

• Boxed in 1000s

• Suitable for 12 different types of courier and seller platforms

Compatible Platforms: Linnworks, Ebay, Amazon Market

Label Size: 80mm x 160mm (D x W)

Label Position: 10mm from top, 25mm from left & right.

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