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Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

Retailers are processing orders day in, day out, and the increased volumes that ecommerce provide means that there is absolutely no time to waste. Writing addresses on packages is not sustainable or scalable, and when writing addresses manually there is just too much scope for error, which not only wastes time, but also increases the chances of the order being delayed, lost, or completely undeliverable. Where this is the case, there is a greater chance of complaints being made, both directly to the company and on social media, potentially deterring future customers buying from the business, as well as the need to reimburse the customer, or reissue the order. All of this adds up to significant cost.

There’s little wonder then that retailers prefer to print labels today. Not only does printing labels near enough eliminate the chance of errors and undeliverable orders, since the address used is typed by the customer themselves, it looks much more professional. The address will be set up in the ecommerce system and will be correctly aligned, and typefaces are much less likely to be misread.

The SR Mailing range of shipping labels are available as thermal labels on a roll, as single integrated labels, on A4 sheets with a number of labels per sheet, and as document enclosed wallets – perfect where courier information needs to be displayed on the outside of the package. 

Depending on the type of printer that you have available already, and the setup that your ecommerce system allows you print with, you may print your shipping labels using a direct thermal label printer, a mono laser printer, or an all in one laser printer. If you need to purchase one of these options, we can supply these, or make a recommendation.

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