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Perforated packaging

Perforated packaging

Perforated packaging is a type of plastic packet that contains micro holes, allowing air to permeate the bag. The holes are typically very small, and are ideal for helping to ensure that when customers receive their order, there are no odours in the bag – which has been a common complaint for some retail businesses in the past.

Our perforated packaging options are made from 30% recycled materials, and are suitable for recycling (after the glue strip has been removed). We’ve tested our perforated packaging extensively and intensively, ensuring that it is completely up to the challenge of being sent around the world. What we’ve created is dust proof, and waterproof, helping to ensure the integrity of the product that is contained while it is in transit. 

Minimising postage costs is a concern for many retail and ecommerce businesses, and our perforated packaging is incredibly lightweight. For businesses that are using the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) programme, our range of clear garment bags are fully compliant with Amazon’s requirements, so businesses can buy from us with confidence.

SR Mailing perforated packaging isn’t suited to a specific type of item – although we typically refer to them as garment bags, they are suitable for a much wider range of products than clothing. They’re also ideal for keeping jewellery safe, electronics, makeup products and toys – and where businesses are selling a wide range of products, our perforated packaging is a great addition to the packing area. Since they are extremely low cost, (particularly when purchased in bulk) businesses can buy a range of sizes that are compatible with Royal Mail PiP sizes, allowing for the optimal size for the package to be used every time.

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