How to move your things in the best way possible

Tips for moving

Cartoon image of couple moving house
Box size
  • Always make sure that the box is the right size for the job, which means not leaving space inside them. If this means filling the gaps with things like honeycomb paper or bubble wrap which you can find on this website. Similarly, we also offer your widest dream of boxes, with anything from books to stuffed animals to fit snugly. 
  • Labeling your boxes with the items inside or specifying the room is crucial for organization and efficiency. It saves time and helps prevent lost or damaged items during moving or storage, and simplifies the unpacking process.
Good tape
  • Don’t forget to ensure your boxes are sealed because the last thing you want is your prized lamp thrown around in transport.
Order when packing
  • Always pack boxes as you would your food shopping, and never put heavy stuff at the top because you don’t want your milk squashing your blueberries. So why would you want the same about your possessions
  • Choosing priorities is extremely helpful as you can’t move your entire house most of the time, last resort may mean selling items but it may mean a cheaper, smarter, and easier move.
  • Invest in good quality boxes (another sales pitch incoming) as who wants the only thing between their valuable possessions and the cold, bleak pavement to be a flimsy second-hand box? It may be tempting to cheap out and risk it but you can get a variety of sized top-grade double wall cardboard from yours truly.
Watch the weight
  • Make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy, especially if you are injury prone. You don’t want all of your books and dumbbells going in one box unless you are Hafþór Björnsson. But it also stops the smaller boxes from breaking.
  • Big tips for houses with a lot of electronics, if you still have the original boxes for the items, it is perfect for transport because they will fit perfectly and we especially created them to protect them.
Alternatives to bubble wrap
  • If you have any breakable items an affordable and effortless method is by wrapping them up with socks and towels, the perfect makeshift bubble wrap that will do the job.
The right equipment
  • Investing in the right equipment can be a lifesaver in the right scenarios, it can make your life 10 times easier. For example, purchasing a box cutter saves the expense of buying new boxes and saves a lot of time. Making sure you are stocked up on bin bags is essential as you don’t realize how much rubbish you have until you try to move house.
Kitchen items
  • You should take care when moving kitchen items, this includes knives (self-explanatory) and plates which should be stacked vertically not horizontally (like you would vinyl records). It may seem tempting but it avoids chipping and breakage during transport. Wrapping each individually can help a lot as scratches are a thing of the past.

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