The Christmas Aftermath | SR Mailing

The Christmas Aftermath

It's often easy to forget about our impact on the environment especially when it's surrounded by the season of gift giving. It's unlikely that people will think about the packaging used when sending presents this year let alone all the packaging waste we create when it comes to our food.

The Christmas Aftermath | SR Mailing

However, once you look at the facts and figures of the waste, what we create as a nation on this one holiday, is shocking and eye opening and hopefully it will push some to make a change.

Christmas gift wrapping paper

A shocking 227,000 miles of gift wrapping is used in the UK alone, that’s four rolls of wrapping paper per average household. Wrapping paper can be beautiful but at what cost? If you chose to switch to plain wrapping paper this year you can recycle this but what about all the wrapping paper that can’t? Any wrapper with foil, glitter, plastic or poly coating can’t.

Why not eliminate the chance of your paper adding to the landfill by switch to earth friendly kraft paper? Not only is it completely compostable but it gives your packaging a warm organic look, perfect for the holiday season when paired with a bit of organic string. 

The Christmas Aftermath | SR Mailing

Christmas packaging tape

Did you know in the UK we use 40 million rolls of tape during the Christmas season? That’s a lot of plastic that ends up in our landfills. It takes 1000 years for plastic to break down, avoid this altogether and switch to kraft paper tape; it pairs fantastically with kraft paper and looks great on cardboard boxes too.
The Christmas Aftermath | SR Mailing


Cardboard boxes

How many times have you wrapped a gift inside a box? Seems strange? Well, why not skip this altogether and just tie some reusable ribbon around your box this year. Cardboard is so wonderful for our planet. It’s a great substitute for plastic wrapping, it looks rustic and adds extra protection to our packages. Once used you can throw them straight into your recycling bin once tape and ribbons have been removed and the cardboard can be reused to make more cardboard!

The Christmas Aftermath | SR Mailing

So, take a moment this Christmas to think about the impact of your habits this Christmas, and a little earth-friendly love to your packages. Contact us on 0161-839-1374 to see what packaging alternatives we can suggest this year. Remember a small change for us is a big help to the environment. 

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Chris Hill on 2020,12,16

Your kraft tape is surprisingly very strong tape, just wonder what’s your box quality like?

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