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Lower Prices To Help Fight The living Cost Crisis

The cost of living is increasing at its fastest rate in 40 years, largely as a result of rising food and energy prices. The latest data shows that CPI was 10.1% in September, and it could rise to 11%.

Cost of living is increasing | SR Mailing Ltd

 As parents skip meals to feed their children and turn the hot water off, having cold showers in cold houses, the government is providing little support. As a sustainable e-commerce packaging supplier, we must take action and play our part to ease the burden of other businesses so they can help their customers get through this national living crisis.

Here are a couple of things we’re doing to help:

1. Drop prices wherever possible, don’t raise them.

With immediate effect from Monday 14th November, we reduce the price of recycled mailing bags and packing tape by up to 8%. Not only that, we have made these two products completely carbon neutral!

We understand with surging energy prices and logistics costs, prices should rise. But we’re not focused on increasing our profit, especially in this climate, instead, we want to do the best we can to keep the cost as low as possible.

Colour Mail Bags | SR Mailing ltd


2. Make sustainable choices

Fuel poverty is soaring and household energy prices have increased by 54% in April and they will rise more. Big banks have repeatedly been criticized for investing billions into new oil and gas production despite pledging to reduce their environmental impact. All businesses can make better choices with their energy usage, carbon footprint, and choice of materials.

Here at SR Mailing, we have been the champions of the environment and innovators of sustainable packaging solutions. In 2021-2022, we have offset 570,380kg of CO2 emissions via our wind energy project and we are constantly working to improve the sustainability of our products, services, and company.

Carbon Neutral Packaging Products | SR Mailing Ltd

Thanks for shopping with SR Mailing, your sustainable and responsible packaging supplier. By choosing our products, you are driving change and supporting our goals.

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** Price reduction will automatically reflect on our website from 14th Nov 2022 12am, if you on a special rate merchant account please contact your account manager.



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As the co-founder and managing director of SR Mailing, He has successfully helped over 9,000 eCommerce businesses transform into sustainable suppliers and takes pride in being able to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that bolster eCommerce reputation and scalability, all while supporting the bigger picture along the way.

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