Price freeze

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Dear Customer,

As you may be aware, Sterling has endured a veritable tumble in value since the UK voted to quit the EU in June and is performing significantly poor in comparison to other currencies.

This in turn has gradually increased the prices on all raw materials due to the heavy demand and has caused many suppliers to increase the prices in order to sustain business.

We, like many other suppliers have also been impacted by the price increase in raw materials. However, since Brexit we have kept all prices at the same prevailing rate. We are also proud to announce that we will continue to FREEZE THE PRICES until September 2017.

We are grateful and appreciate each and every customer who has continued to support our business since we established in 2014, thus the decision to keep the prices the same. We also reassure you that we manufacture and import our products to provide the best prices possible for the best quality, keeping margins at a minimal.


Thank you for your support.




SR Mailing Ltd

SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging