Bubble Envelope

Bubble envelopes also known as Padded Bags, Padded Mailers or commonly known as Jiffy Bags in the United Kingdom after a famous manufacturer, the “Jiffy Packaging Company”.

The exterior envelope can be made of a heavy paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic film.

The padding material can be recycled newsprint, foam, bubble wrap or other cushioning materials

Many of these mailers have a flap that has a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA, also known as Self-Adhesive), a gummed (water-activated) adhesive, or tape to allow easy and secure closure.

Features of Our Bubble Envelopes

  • Our Bubble envelopes are constructed from 75 gsm Kraft paper
  • Protection is given by Sancell air bubble lining.
  • Reduces postal costs due to its lightweight construction.
  • High slip bubble film liner for ease of use.
  • Featherpost’s bubble envelopes are between 9-26% larger than Jiffy's.

We currently stock 10 different sizes. Please click  here to see product listings page for more information.