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SR Mailing understands each customer has different needs, and the sizes we currently offer may not be suitable to everyone. Similar to producing customised printed mail bags, we can also produce customised boxes.

As mentioned earlier, packaging is a huge part of brand identity when shopping online. The first physical contact the buyer has is often with the package, and therefore this presents a good opportunity to make a good first impression and to reinforce your brand.

Cardboard packaging can be more than just ensuring your goods are kept safe during transit, it can also be used to promote your brand and differentiate your company from the competition. Retaining customers is incredibly important, so make them feel special by giving them something to look forward to, and by doing so, create a heightened shipping/shopping experience. In return, this will help create customer loyalty resulting in repeat business, with the possibility of this positive experience being shared with friends and colleagues creating additional word of mouth customers.

Indeed, with customised corrugated boxes, coming in different sizes, board grades, and fluting profiles you can create something to be remembered by.

A rough guide are as follows:

125 - Light

150 - Medium

200 - Heavy

300 – Very Heavy (Export Level)

K = Kraft – Contains virgin fibres

T = Test – Fully recycled liner

L = Test Liner 2 – Not used very often

WK = White Kraft


Fluting Profiles

E Flute = Single Wall – Approximately 1mm thick

B Flute = Single Wall – Approximately 2.5-3mm thick

C Flute = Single Wall – Approximately 4mm thick

BC Flute = Double Wall – Approximately 6mm thick

EB Flute = Double Wall – Approximately 4mm thick


We work with internal dimensions, and we follow the format of: Length x Width x Height (Depth)

Basic Inquiry Form:


Join (Glued/Stitched/Open):

Dimensions (Internal)

Board Grade:






Shipping method:

Please send your inquiries to:


or call: 0161 839 1374


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