Air Pouch Benefits

Air pouches provide an alternative to the traditional bubble wrap and other protective packaging used to safe guard fragile items.

  • Air pouches create a barrier that will help your products keep intact, free from dust and other forms of debris.
  • Customers will likely appreciate the cleanliness and simplicity that it offers with no messy foam or polystyrene to dispose of.
  • Stored in flat packets of 50 for easy storage in comparison to bulkier protective such bubble wrap or polystyrene.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality HDPE and co extruded with 8 layers of polythene film providing superior protection.
  • If one pillar of the air pouch is damaged, due to the advanced multi pillar design, this will not affect other inflated pillars
  • Moisture and humidity resistant, making it a perfect packaging solution for electronic products
  • Transparent, providing a clean professional look.
  • Cost effective and lightweight, reducing shipping costs.