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Sustainable, Responsible and determined to reduce our impact on the environment. SR Mailing has seen the vast amount of waste generated by the eCommerce industry and is dedicated to make a change!

Our mission is to adopt a zero-waste concept that considers the complete lifecycle of a product from collectable materials all the way to end-of-life disposal, completely abandoning the idea of a linear economy.

Recycled content is one of our main fortes when developing our product line. We also work with Climate Partner to make our products carbon neutral. Currently, we offset 1,105,380 kg of carbon emissions via the Wind energy project in Northeast Brazil. ID: 15019-2103-1001

SR Mailing Carbon Neutral

Anything you want, we’ve got! if we don’t have it… we’ll find a way to make it!


With a number of factories across the UK and China, we are the only company to operate a closed loop manufacturing process, from recycled waste to the manufacture of new products.


With offices and warehouses in the UK, we are on hand to answer any questions, deliver your goods next day and meet your overall needs.


Are you a retailer? A reseller? A wholesale buyer? Ask if you could benefit from any of our bulk manufacturer to business (M2B) prices!


Products that leave our factories are subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure that only products that meet our high standards are dispatched to you.


We Dispatch 1 to 2 containers of goods each week from China; to ensure that we have sufficient stock all year round!


We are currently one of the only packaging companies that has a walk-in retail store and show room!

We offer hands-on expertise, try before you buy and free samples!


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