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New In Products

New In Products

The team at SR Mailing continue to innovate, in order to provide the products that ecommerce businesses and retailers need. Our range of packaging products is extensive, and in most cases, are made from recycled, and sustainable materials. However, we know we can do better, and we have set ambitious targets for doing so, and are on track to become a zero waste packaging company by 2025. It is a huge vision, but we believe we can do it – and that’s why we’re sharing our new in products on this page.

Although the majority of our products can be recycled, some of our items do still contain virgin materials – and we want to eliminate as many of those as we can, as well as increasing the ease with which all our products can be recycled. We’re working on making our range of products not only recyclable, but biodegradable and compostable where possible too, so that no matter how customers dispose of those products, they won’t cause further damage to the local wildlife, or the environment that it is disposed of. That’s why our team are hard at work creating, and thoroughly testing new products all the time.

Not only are we hard at work developing the best possible solutions using recycled and sustainable materials, but we’re also innovating in the different types of packaging we can create for businesses. We’re taking into account how easy each new product is to use, and the compatibility of those items with existing equipment, as well as the cost of those new products. In addition to making sure we’ve created a great item, we’re also very conscientious about the quality of each brand new packaging solution, that we release, so that businesses can use them with confidence.

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