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Packaging for Liquids

Packaging for Liquids

When sending liquids through the post, it is well worth packing those items in their bottles separately. Whether the liquid is water or alcohol-based, or a cosmetic item, without careful wrapping and cushioning, they are likely to cause a huge mess at best, and at worst, could pose a potential health hazard. If you’re travelling by air, then as you’ll know, it is essential for liquids being carried in hand luggage to be wrapped in clear plastic bags – so having a supply of plastic garment bags is a good idea.

Our range of lightweight plastic garment bags are incredibly strong and durable, and are capable of withstanding long distance transit. In addition to being very strong, they are also dust proof and waterproof, and have a resealable adhesive strip. We’ve tested them extensively, and they’re difficult to tear and there is very little getting in and out of these bags!

We’ve worked carefully to create our plastic garment bags to be a high specification – they’re just 30 microns thick, and also have an air release hole to ensure an odourless package for the consumer. Despite the high standard of packaging we have developed, they are a relatively inexpensive option for businesses, allowing them to provide excellent service for their customers without eating into those profit margins.

We’ve created our range of garment bag sizes to be compatible with Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion (PiP), and they are also fully compliant with Amazon’s requirements for their Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) programme – meaning that there are pretty much suitable for everything.

Not only that, but our lightweight plastic garment bags are made from a minimum of 30% recycled material – a figure we’re working to improve upon – and they are recyclable too, once the glue strip has been removed.

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