Why shop with Sr Mailing? | SR Mailing

Why shop with SR Mailing?

SR Mailing have wonderful customer up and down the country. You may have come across on one of our ads and are now wondering why you should order from us?

Fast and reliable – We offer you all forms of contact methods with out sales team to answer any questions you may have been regarding out products. We also promise next day delivery if orders are places before 12 pm the day before. So, you can always rely on us if you’re in a packaging pinch!

Why shop with SR Mailing? |  Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Great value packaging – We value our customers so SR Mailing are constantly working to keep their prices low. We believe in not only offering quality but ensure our customers feel valued by keeping their costs down.

SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Packaging for all needs – SR Mailing are constantly expanding their Eco-friendly range. We are aiming to not only offer our customer Eco-friendly alternatives but we also are working to reduce our waste as a company. We try to used recycled material as often as we can as well as trying encouraging our customer to recycle and reuse.

Mailing Bag | SR Mailing Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

We offer face to face customer service - SR Mailing are based in the heart of Manchester and we are proud to one of few manufacturers to have a shop front. We welcome ALL customers to come in and see our products in person before purchasing. However, don’t worry if you can get to us, we are happy to send you a sample!

Boxes | SR Mailing Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

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Kun Feng
Kun Feng is the foremost sustainable packaging expert who possesses the fundamental eco-knowledge and passion necessary to drive new levels of eCommerce growth without compromising people, the planet, or the economy. 

As the co-founder and managing director of SR Mailing, He has successfully helped over 9,000 eCommerce businesses transform into sustainable suppliers and takes pride in being able to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that bolster eCommerce reputation and scalability, all while supporting the bigger picture along the way.

Feel free to contact with Kun on Linkedin or Facebook
Kun Feng

Managing Director