What Everyone Should Know About Eco-Friendly, Low-Cost Stretch Film

What Everyone Should Know About Eco-Friendly, Low-Cost Stretch Film

Stretch film plays an important role in delivering and transporting most of the products we use around the world. Is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet. It helps to reduce product loss, injuries and discourage load tampering.

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When to use Stretch Film?

You usually use stretch film when you want to hold boxes and products together on a pallet. Once the boxes and products are together you can transport or store them.

Benefits of stretch films include

  1. Undoubtedly, space is very important for any factory, storage, and warehouse. Stretch films help save space because you will securely and tightly wrap the products that will reduce clutter. Moreover, quick and efficient pallet shipping will be done, which will reduce the accumulation of the items in one place.
  2. If you want the items to remain safe from dirt, dust, moisture, and other pollutants, you should consider using stretch films to package them. As a result, the products will be safely transported.
  3. Using the stretch films, you will dramatically cut down the plastic waste generated from your organization, warehouse, or storage facility. Moreover, by recycling, the businesses will cut down their pallet wrapping costs
  4. Stretch films are 100% recyclable and around 50% lighter than other packaging materials

Simply Greener

30% recycled content Film | SR Mailing

FlexLite30 is a green film designed with more savings in mind. It comes with 30% recycled content and 1″ core, so less paper, more savings. With all the benefits of our Nano55 series, FlexLite30 helps you achieve sustainability even for your hand wrapping application. FlexLite30 fits our Bolt™ perfectly, making your hand wrap effortlessly greener with our fatigue fighter film dispenser.

Goodbye Worry, Hello Consistency

Bolt is a fatigue fighter designed to solve consistency issues for hand wrapping.

It gives you peace of mind from film snapping or device wear-and-tear issues. Bolt is lightweight and gets you started easily in a bolt.

Bolt stretch film

Add more to do less

Bolt is now available with upgrades. We bring you Simple at its Best.

Your hand wrapping gets even better with FlexLite30, our pre-stretched film with 30% recycled content. The add-ons are available for orders separately. 

Bolt Stretch Film

Benefits to Gain from Bolt – The Fastest Wrapper Alive TL, DR? Here are some benefits that Bolt can help you:

  • Easy to use — Foolproof, anyone can use it with ease.
  • Sustainable — Uses less film, maximize shipping space/shelf space)
  • Consistent — Consistent hand wrapping with the lightweight design & suitable for any operators
  • Tension — Adjust and varying tension to handle light to heavy loads
  • Uses thin gauge stretch film (5 um) — first in the world to help you dispense pre stretch film on a grip
  • Cost savings — Save on cost when you have the option to use prestressed thin gauge film. You gain more length on your rolls too
  • Extra stable loads — When compared to other dispensers out there in the market. The Bolt is excellently suitable to help rope your packaging for more secured loads.
  • Uses less paper core — Save the earth by reducing paper usage
  • Save shelf space — no more storing air; nano gauge film saves you lots of storage space
  • Heavy-duty — Handing 7-9 um gauge films is not an issue for heavier loads. Reduction in unwanted injuries/accidents
  • Wrap to the bottom — The Bolt easily zips your packages from the top to the bottom of the pallet

Bolt Stretch Film

Who would Bolt be best suited for?

Bolt is suitable for any business that

  • Needs to do handheld stretch film wrapping
  • Looking for a fatigue-fighting stretch wrap dispenser
  • Wants to achieve faster hand wrapping that is consistent and almost effortless.

Bolt is uniquely designed with the users in mind. It is easy to install, fast to release, unique adjustable torque designs for specific containment force and allows you to wrap to the bottom of your pallet quickly.

In a Glimpse

Stretch films can provide a plethora of benefits and features while reducing the environmental impact of packaging. Stretch film packaging will greatly improve your packaging efficiency and reduce costs.

Furthermore, it is preferable to purchasing all-in-one boxes or containers that are not easily recyclable. Finally, using recyclable and sustainable stretch films will save you a lot of space and money while also protecting the environment.

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