How to Utilise Black Friday | SR Mailing

How to Utilise Black Friday

Black Friday | SR Mailing

Black Friday is nearly among us, which means Christmas is only around the corner. Sellers will be heavily discounting products all over the internet and in-store to increase sales before the holiday season. Traditionally Black Friday was seen as one day event over the years it has evolved into a four-day event ending on Cyber Monday. The time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday have no rules so companies are given full creative control to mark down and promote items as they wish.

Below are some ideas on how to get the best out of Black Friday

1) Create a gift guide. Gift guides are an ideal solution for first time shoppers. Pick a specific bundle of related items from your store and create a cross sell-able offers, promote this across all channels to reach maximum exposure.

SR Mailing Black Friday

2)Extend your sale up until Cyber Monday, by extending your sale your giving your event more exposure and more time for profit. You can even start your sale early to get ahead of your competitors.

Black Friday | SR Mailing

4) Offer a sneak peek! What a better way to build momentum other than letting your customers know what to expect. Let them know you’ll only be selling a number of items on this promotion so they can prepare themselves. Get creative and send your contacts an email maybe even offering the sneak peak to subscribers only.

SR Mailing Sale

5) Offer mystery savings. The element of surprise is great and unique an effective rule. By using such creative and interactive sales tactics you are more likely to gain exposure on social media therefore bringing you more profit during the sales.

SR Mailing BFCM

6) Send a direct discount code. Don’t have time to promote online? Send out an email to your current customer base with an exclusive black Friday discount code.

SR Mailing BFCM

And finally, to conclude do not wait to promote your offers jump on the band wagon to gain maximum exposure. Good luck and enjoy!  

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