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How To Assemble A PiP Box

When it comes to picking packaging for your small to medium sized items, sometimes choosing the simple option of using a PiP box maybe the way to go. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also cost efficient helping you reduce costs.

SR Mailing provides multiple sizes in PiP boxes ranging from large letters to small parcels. By choosing the correct size you are able to secure your product whilst maintaining a professional image on your packaging.

Our PiP cardboard boxes are made from 80-100% recycled cardboard and are durable to withstand impact during transit. They also have an external and internal layer of kraft paper. SR Mailings PiP boxes come flat packed to ensure easy storage for our customers.

Once you have learned to assemble one large letter PiP Box you can assemble any sized large letter box, however we understand that customers new to the industry may not know that most efficient way to assemble their chosen box. So please see the diagram below on how to assemble an SR Mailing C4 PiP box.


How To Assemble A PiP Box | SR Mailing
How To Assemble A PiP Box | SR Mailing
How To Assemble A PiP Box | SR Mailing
How To Assemble A PiP Box | SR Mailing

Now you have assembled your PiP box it's time to pack your items, ensure not to overload your box, so it’s doesn’t burst in transit. You can now reinforce your box and seal it with tape or by packing it inside a mailing bag. If you require further instructions please call our experienced sales team on 0161-839-1374.


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