February 2021  Industry Update | SR Mailing

February 2021 Industry Update

February 2021

Industry Update

With February coming to a close, we've summed up the industry essential news for you. We've also included some exciting new products SR Mailing will be launching soon too!

Honeycomb/ Tissue Paper Kit

This Honeycomb packaging kit has been created to improve efficiency. The entire kit is made from natural products and is compostable. Tissue paper adds light protection whilst the honeycomb roll adds padded security for protection in transit.

Honeycomb | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Honeycomb Roll

SR Mailings Honeycomb Roll will be 100% compostable and biodegradable. This Roll is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap. The hive-shaped holes are designed to interlock when packing to add extra protection to your products.

Honeycomb | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Packaging Industry Updates

We're still seeing a cardboard shortage in the UK. A big influence on the issue has been Amazon buying a big percentage of the UK cardboard material. However with lockdown easing shortly we should see more material being recycled, therefore cardboard material availability should increase too.


February 2021  Industry Update | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging


Material costs are still rising. Due to Brexit and the costs of importing and exporting goods in our country, the cost of material is rising across the globe. If this price increase is affecting you, contact our sales team on how you can reduce your packaging, or we can help you find an alternative product.

February 2021  Industry Update | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Due to the 135% cost increase in container shipments, the extra costs are hitting businesses strong. The shortage in container access is due to the surge we have seen in the lockdown of people renovating homes and offices while staff members are away. However, as we return to normality in the coming months there is hope that costs will become more stable and predictable.

February 2021  Industry Update | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Here at SR Mailing, we are here to guide our customers. As lockdown lifts, we understand you will be prepping to reopen your stores and business that's why as a thank you for sticking with us we will price match our personal protective equipment range to any price you find online!

*for a limited time only.

Sales | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging


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