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Linn Academy 2017

Dear Customer,

SR Mailing have a pleasure to invite you on Linn Academy 2017 and participate in this great event with us!!

Linn Academy is an annual online seller event, hosted by eCommerce software provider Linnworks, for your chance to connect with some of the biggest names in eCommerce and get the support you need to grow your online business." - Linnworks

As a sponsor of Linn Academy 2017, we would like to invite our customers to the event on Thursday 19th September 2017 from 8:30am - 18:00pm.

The Vox Conference Centre
Resorts World
B40 1PU

Tickets can be purchased at:…

Please use our discount code to get 20% off your tickets!!:

For more information, please visit:


See You There !


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Kun Feng
Kun Feng is the foremost sustainable packaging expert who possesses the fundamental eco-knowledge and passion necessary to drive new levels of eCommerce growth without compromising people, the planet, or the economy. 

As the co-founder and managing director of SR Mailing, He has successfully helped over 9,000 eCommerce businesses transform into sustainable suppliers and takes pride in being able to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that bolster eCommerce reputation and scalability, all while supporting the bigger picture along the way.

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Kun Feng

Managing Director