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Sending Post Sustainably With Eco Padded Envelopes

Mailing envelopes are a convenient way to pack and dispatch smaller orders, but when you’re aiming to make your business as environmentally friendly as possible, those padded mailing envelopes might give you cause for concern. They’ve got plastic bubble wrap inside them, and even if they use recycled plastic and paper, very often they won’t be separated before they are disposed of by the recipient – which means more unnecessary landfill.


100% Eco-Friendly Padded Envelopes | SR Mailing Ltd


Eco Padded Envelop -  Kraft Honeycomb Padded Envelopes


Kraft paper honeycomb products are the solution if you’re looking to reduce your reliance on plastic in your packaging solutions. Our brown Kraft honeycomb padded envelopes are made from two layers of recycled paper, with one a honeycomb layer, and are an affordable, realistic option to replace plastic lined padded mailing envelopes. The self-sealing closure is tamper-evident, and your team will find them just as quick to use as conventional padded envelopes.

From a practical stance, honeycomb padded envelopes are ideal, and since they are incredibly lightweight – just 12 grams – they won’t add to your postage costs. They are also much better for team members and customers with allergies, because unlike fibre padded mailers, honeycomb paper doesn’t dust. Our honeycomb padded envelopes are available in a range of sizes, making them the perfect option for sending orders of different sizes to your customers.


Eco Padded Envelopes | SR Mailing Ltd
As you’d expect from SR Mailing, our honeycomb padded envelopes are a great option for the environment, since they are made from high quality Kraft paper, which is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable when the glue strip is removed from the mailing envelopes.


Eco Padded Envelop -  Corrugated Cardboard Padded Envelopes


Being made from 100% recycled paper means that our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes are easy to dispose of at the end of their useful lives. Almost all homes are able to add them to their kerbside recycling collections, since they are fully recyclable, but where that isn’t an option, they are also naturally biodegradable (with the glue strip removed) and can be composted.

Our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes aren’t just a great option for the environment though. They look professional, and the Kraft exterior can be custom printed, have labels applied, or a handwritten address added. They are a realistic, affordable option for businesses, and they are lightweight and compatible with Royal Mail guidelines too, so they won’t add to your postage costs any more than a plastic bubble envelope does.


Eco Padded Envelop -  Corrugated Cardboard Padded Envelopes


In practical terms, our corrugated cardboard padded envelopes are just as suitable for sending orders as their plastic counterparts are, with a tamper-evident, self-sealing closure that your staff will find equally as simple to use during the picking and packing process.


100% Eco-Friendly Padded Envelopes | SR Mailing Ltd 


Our Final Thoughts


Finding, choosing and using eco friendly packaging is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes anywhere in the world.

Padded envelopes are one of the most popular types of packaging solutions available today! All of our paper-based envelopes are excellent in terms of sustainability, as they are made from 100% recycled Kraft paper, and are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable – and using environmentally responsible packaging shows customers that the business cares. We think – as do many of our customers – that paper padded envelopes have a much more professional appeal to them too.



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Randal Tier on 2023,03,06

Dear srmailing.co.uk administrator, You always provide helpful information.

robertlawson on 2023,04,18

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James on 2023,04,18

i want my parcel to go green, found this is the best place to get hands on eco friendly packaging product, i am buying their compostable dispatch bag sand honeycomb envelops at the moment, really low price ( lowest make me thinking whether this is genuine lol ) but they have all certificate to proof it, it really help me promote my brand with packaging. thanks for blog

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