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Customised packaging – Is it really necessary?

Why is it important?
How many times have you ordered a package off Amazon or eBay and received the product and used it, then you no longer remember where you purchased the item from?
Compare that in contrast to the last clothing item you purchased, it came shipped in a custom bag or box, maybe branded tissue paper, now remember the excitement you had unboxing it; you remember the brand, right?
Custom packaging ensures your package is secure and reflects your brand's values. It is an essential tool for marketing since it draws attention to the brand and products in transit as well as when it arrives to the customer.
Think of you as the end consumer. Would you rather receive this?

Customised packaging  | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Or this?

Customised packaging  | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Receiving any type of packaging is exciting. However, customers are more likely to remember your brand name if you leave a lasting impression. Below are some of the benefits of customer packaging.

Social media

Social media is one the best things to happen to businesses. One tag can open you up to hundreds of new customers. Having custom made packaging increases the chance of a customer uploading your product to their Instagram/ Facebook exposing the product to all their followers. Another option would be to have influencers promote your product, we have all heard or seen of “unboxing” videos an influencer unboxing your item to their follower not only promotes your products but customised packaging can also create a similar experience for them, making them feel as though they have already established a relationship with your brand before purchasing or even visiting your website.

Brand value

Customised packaging is not only exposing your brand name in transit and unpacking but also portrays your brand values. Are you an eco-friendly company who wants to push this message to their consumers? Make your mailing boxes or bags multiple use and fun. Why not use your box an activity box once your customer has utilised it, like this cat fountain company? After Unpacking the customer can cut holes and make a fun play toy for their cat.

Customised packaging  | SR Mailing | Sustainable eCommerce Packaging

Adds Value

First impressions are important we know this from our everyday lives of people we meet. People who make a good or memorable impression are the ones we remember, not the stranger on the train who didn’t talk or look at you. The same applies for your packaging, with customised packaging your customer will feel they are receiving a more luxurious service if boxes are fun and memorable. By adding higher value to your products customers are more likely to lean towards having a good shopping experience with you and therefore more likely to recommend you as well as return to shopping with you.

We hope you see the value in packaging. We understand it seems like an added cost at first but once calculated it brings costs down and adds more value to your business therefore benefiting you further down the line.

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