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Wrap Dispenser

Wrap Dispenser

Sending larger quantities of products, either to your end customers that are buying in bulk, or to B2B customers, can mean sending orders on pallets. When you’re sending a pallet full of products, keeping the contents of the pallet safe and intact is a concern – as well as deterring potential opportunistic thieves. That means you need to wrap outgoing pallets with sufficient amounts of pallet wrap, to keep your items from being damaged, stolen, or coming loose and being lost in transit.

Whether you’re wrapping pallets with one of our clear, transparent wraps, or you’re using our opaque, black pallet wrap for additional security and confidentiality, you need to take into account how easy it is for your team to complete the wrap. Handling rolls of pallet wrap isn’t easy, and can lead to your team ending up with sore hands, or even worse, lead to preventable injury – so the easier, and safer you can make it, the better. To prevent such injuries, wrap holders and wrap dispensers are necessary to have available in your packing area.

Depending on how many pallets that you’re dispatching each day, and how your team prefer to work, will depend on which pallet wrap dispensers are right for your business. Our range of pallet wrap dispensers include a mini wrap holder, which is perfect for smaller clear mini wraps (ideal if you’re bundling items of products), hand savers that fit directly into the roll of pallet wrap, as well as heavy duty metal pallet wrap dispensers.

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