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Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse Equipment

A busy warehouse, and packaging area requires the right equipment to be at hand if they are going to run efficiently and without injury. Quality safety knives are a must, particularly when your team are unpacking new inventory to be added to your warehouse locations. Being able to cut through pallet wrap and strapping efficiently will help to prevent injury, and allow your team to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Considering the ones we’ve chosen for our range are particularly affordable, getting the right tool for the job won’t break the bank.

When packing orders for customers, having cushioning like honeycomb paper ready to go through the wrap box converter and to wrap orders with is one step to protecting the contents of the order. Having the right type of tape dispensers available – whether bench or desktop mounted, handheld, or a combination of all types is the next step, particularly if your team are going to be sealing larger boxes that are to be travelling long distances and need securing.

Packing benches and tables are an essential addition to warehouses, particularly in newer warehouses that haven’t got bespoke built packing areas yet. Our packing bench starter kits, and packing tables are a wise investment for new teams and businesses that have expanded their warehouse areas, since they contain spaces for all the different types of packaging materials that are required, as well as a computer workstation that will connect to your preferred eCommerce system.

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