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Void Fill & Cushionings

Void Fill & Cushionings

When you’re packing customer orders, but especially those that contain potentially breakable products, you’re almost always going to be adding void fill and cushioning to the package, which is where our range of void fill cushionings comes in. Polystyrene packing peanuts, and bubble wrap are an option, as are products in our range of paper wraps, but our void fill and air pouch cushionings are a much safer option for packages that contain those delicate items.

Air cushioning products that are inflated in your packing area are much more convenient than bubble wrap and polystyrene, since they take up much less space – in many cases, one roll will be the equivalent of up to 10 bubble wrap rolls. And because we’ve designed our air wrap with you in mind, we’ve incorporated easy tearing lines, as well as printing the products with reminders for your customers to recycle after use.  

Our range doesn’t just contain void fill and air pillows – we’ve also got air shock pouches for specific products that are easily damaged, such as laptops, wine bottles, and mobile phones. We’ve designed these specifically to provide all the protection that such products need, and they’re made from both recycled, and recyclable materials too.

When you’re filling inflatable air pillows and pouches, you don’t need to blow them up like balloons – our range includes manual air pumps, as well as low noise air inflators, and auto inflators that quickly and easily without any additional effort.

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