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热标签 2019

热标签 2019

Thermal labels are an essential item in many eCommerce businesses today, and when you think about the alternative, it simply makes sense. When you consider how much time copying addresses by hand takes, and the fact that there is a much greater chance of orders being lost or undeliverable due to a mistake – it all adds up to time and money that you don’t want to waste.

Getting customer orders to them quickly, without the risk of being lost is much easier when you’ve got a thermal label printer set up, and connected to your eCommerce order management system. Because this means you’ll be using the customer address that they enter themselves, there are fewer spelling errors to contend with, and your team can pack and dispatch much more efficiently.

Addresses aren’t the only use for thermal labels though, and our range of labels are available in different sizes on each roll – so they are perfect for printing barcodes, product identification, and for general use around your office and your warehouse. Whichever purpose you’re using our thermal labels for, you’ll find the acrylic adhesive has an excellent adhesion to all types of materials, including cardboard, polythene films and plastics.

If you’re looking to start using thermal labels for the first time, our range also includes a direct thermal label printer with a fast print speed and that supports 2D barcodes, as well as larger, all in one printers that can print onto thermal labels.

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