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When sending delicate items – which are often expensive – out to customers, it is essential that businesses have the right type of cushioning, and especially where the products themselves do not have additional packaging to provide cushioning. Sending wine bottles, and parts for computers such as hard drives, or tech like mobile phones or laptops through the post or with a courier is essential, but the nature of sending through the post is that rough handling, and drops are an inevitable risk.

In order to protect these more delicate items, shock proof cushioning is essential. These specialist cushion pouches are designed to hold the products in place inside the outer packaging, and to help ensure that the product can withstand accidental drops much more effectively than solutions like bubble wrap or polystyrene.

Our shock proof cushioning is provided deflated for efficient storage, and requires inflating using an air pump. The advanced design of our shock proof cushioning pouches is that if one inflated pillar is damaged, the others will not be affected – helping to keep the product intact.

Not only does our shock proof cushioning protect from accidental damage, but they can also help keep products free from dust. They’re not completely watertight, but they will certainly help to keep products like mobile phones dry when they are being delivered during rainy weather.

We’ve designed our shock proof cushion pouches to be made from recycled plastics, to minimise the environmental impact, and the air pouches can be customised for use with different products.

If you’re buying shock proof cushioning for your business, you’ll also need either a manual air pump, or an air inflator – which one is right for you will depend on the number of orders that you’re sending each day.

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