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Safety Knives

Safety Knives

When you need your team to unpack your latest shipment quickly and effectively, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Being able to open taped boxes quickly requires knives that won’t accidentally cut through to the products below, and to cut through pallet strapping and wrapping efficiently helps to speed up their job further.

Having the right equipment in your warehouse isn’t just a necessity to allow your staff to work quickly and efficiently, it is a legal requirement that you provide a safe working environment, with tools that allow your team to do their job safely. With that in mind, when you’re receiving your inventory from your suppliers, you’ll need to have the best safety knives and cutters available for your team – a sharp knife might be a safe knife, but a sharp knife with a safety guard is better!

Our range of safety knives have stainless steel blades, and have been designed to keep your team as safe as possible while they work to unpack items to go into your warehouse. They are ergonomically designed in order to help prevent fatigue, and to ultimately prevent repetitive strain injuries that could become a bigger problem. We invest in the safest, and the best possible solutions for our team here at SR Mailing, which is why you will find the exact same safety knives for the team in our warehouse as we have available in our inventory for our ecommerce customers to purchase.

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