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Royal Mail introduced the Pricing in Proportion sizing in 2006, in reaction to the growing number of ecommerce parcels being sent through the post. Not only would businesses need to weigh their packages, but the dimensions of the package would influence the price too. Today, there is a huge range of boxes that are suitable for sending via Royal Mail, allowing businesses to choose the size and shape that is most suitable for the products in the order, and to get the best possible price – saving them money on their orders.

Cardboard PiP boxes are strong and durable, and when secured with packing tape, are unlikely to become loose for items to fall out. In terms of creating a good impression for the business, PiP boxes are a far more presentable, professional solution than mailing bags, and they can easily be branded by the simple addition of bespoke tape. This is an affordable, effective packaging solution for businesses that want to build brand recognition, but to keep costs low.

Our range of PiP boxes are delivered flat packed to save space, they are easy to assemble, and they are available in a range of different sizes within the specifications that Royal Mail stipulates. By sending as Large Letter, or Small Parcel, businesses can keep costs low, as well as protecting the customer’s order.

As you’d expect with a packaging company that has sustainability at its core, our Royal Mail PiP boxes are made from 100% recycled corrugated paper. Not only are they made from recycled material, but they are easy to recycle too – they can be added to household recycling, and they are both biodegradable and compostable, allowing recipients to safely dispose of the box however they choose.  

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